From here you can take control of your experience here at MTH Electric Trains!  Keep track of your roster of engines and rolling stock and enter warranty registrations, Setup your email, or create a wish list for people to see and maybe purchase that one engine you have always wanted. Have fun as you explore the world of MTH Electric Trains! This new section is being developed.

With an MTH email address, people will know just what you really like in life!Check your e-mail. With a My MTH account you can register for this free, private e-mail, which is accessible from anywhere you have internet access.
Keep track of your collection: Track your train collection by using the train tracking application. Simply enter item number, name, and price information about your models, and you can have it all right here at your fingertips. It's easy to add and delete items as you buy, sell, and trade.
Build and edit your wishlist so friends and family will know just what you want to receive for holidays and special occasions.